2020: Invasive Plant Conference, London

In January 2020, the OIPC hosted its 12th annual invasive plant conference and AGM at the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority in London Ontario. This year’s conference was extended to combine the Ontario Phragmites Working Group (OPWG) Annual Meeting the following day. It was another successful two-day event with a lot of great energy in the room. Participants enjoyed presentations from invasive plant professionals across Ontario. See below to access the presentation slides and program agenda. To access the OPWG presentations, visit the OPWG website or click here

Note: This was the first year that select presentations were approved by IPM Council of Canada for Continuing Education Credits (CEC). 

Program Agenda:

AGENDA – January 15 (DAY1)

AGENDA – January 16 (DAY2)


Cassin_HOC Update2020

Cassin_Economic Impacts Municipalities

Sherman_CCIS Update2020


MacKenzie OIPC_InvSpBiocontrolLondonESAs






Smith_ TTP DSV and Phrag


A huge thank you to our 2020 sponsors:


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Continuing Education Credits

The 2020 Invasive Plant Conference has been approved by IPM Council of Canada to provide Continuing Education Credits (CEC) for IPM certified individuals for select presentations during this two day event. Please see the attached agenda’s for more details on qualifying presentations. See more details on Ontario IPM here.