Our Team

The OIPC is currently staffed by three, full-time individuals who are dedicated to working with Ontarian’s to protect Ontario’s biodiversity, economy and society from the harm of invasive plants.

Belinda Junkin
Executive Director
(705) 741-5400 Ext. 203
Gabby Nichols
Project Liaison
(705) 741-5400 Ext. 202
Gabby Nichols is the Project Liaison at the OIPC, where her efforts are used to create outreach tools and programs, as well as coordinating the Early Detection and Rapid Response Network Ontario. Gabby joined the OIPC staff early in 2018 after completing her Masters of Environment and Sustainability at Western University. Gabby’s experience with invasive species management and passion for environmental conservation stems from her previous work experience with Ontario Parks and creating an invasive management strategy with the City of London.