A group of people posing near a gardenThe OIPC currently has two active committees and four past committees, consisting of representatives from numerous sectors including government, non-government, academia, Aboriginal groups and industry. Our committees assist the OIPC in completing a number of key projects, working towards identified goals and objectives through regular meetings and tasks assigned to individual committee members.

All persons interested in joining one of OIPC’s committees are invited to contact Current OIPC membership is required for participation in OIPC committees.

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The Ontario Phragmites Working Group

The Ontario Phragmites Working Group (OPWG) is composed of a group of dedicated people with an interest in working together to facilitate effective management of invasive Phragmites in Ontario. This initiative is aimed at reducing the current threats posed by this aggressive invasive plant to biodiversity and Species at Risk (SAR) through habitat protection and restoration. Specific goals focus on education, information sharing and investigation and pursuit of effective management options.

For more information on OPWG please visit their website here.

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The Horticulture Outreach Committee

The Horticulture Outreach Committee (HOC) focuses on promoting the use of non-invasive horticultural plants within the retail sector and the public. This committee works closely with the horticulture industry to reduce the sale of invasive plants in Ontario.  Past and current projects undertaken by this committee include:

  • The Northern and Southern Ontario Grow me instead Guide: a guide to non-invasive and native alternatives
  • The Grow Me Instead Nursery Recognition Program: a program to recognize nurseries who sell non-invasive and native alternatives
  • A Grow Me Instead bookmark, to promote the online and reduce paper copies
  • Grow Me Instead seed packets, also to promote the online guide and promote native plant species
  • Invasive plant tours for nursery owners and plant growers to showcase alternative plants and also areas where some common garden invaders have cause damage

For more information on the HOC, please visit their page, here.

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The Communications Committee (inactive)

The Communications Committee develops invasive plant communication and outreach material on behalf of the Council. Current and past projects overseen by this committee include:

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The Fundraising Committee (inactive)

The OIPC Fundraising Committee works to secure organizational and project funding for the Council’s activities. This committee is currently inactive.

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The Research and Control Committee (inactive)

The Research and Control Committee encourages the collaboration of invasive plant research across the Province.

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The Policy Committee (inactive)

The OIPC Policy Committee works to strengthen internal OIPC polices and relevant provincial and municipal policies for the purpose of preventing and managing the spread of invasive plants. The policy committee has and is currently working on:

  • Addressing gaps and areas that need improvement in current OIPC business, staff and board policies
  • Addressing gaps and areas that need improvement in provincial and municipal policies that relate to invasive plants or ones that should in some way, relate to invasive plants
  • Assisting in the review and provide comment on any relevant Environmental Registry postings
  • Assisting in the review and provide comment on any relevant municipal policy changes
  • Developing a list of current, relevant government policies and their objectives

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