2015: Invasive Plant Conference, Burlington

In 2015, our AGM and Conference was held in Burlington at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

2015 AGM Agenda

2015 AGM Program

OIPC 2015 AGM Approved Minutes


A Review of Some Biological Control Programs for Invasive Plants

ISC BC’s Plant Wise Program

Invasive Species and Urban Areas

Bill 37: A proposed Invasive Species Act

Monitoring the spread of Magnolia jobus witihn the RBG Nature Sanctuaries

Working towards an invasive plant strategy for RBG Natural Lands

Lambton Shores Phragmites Community Group

Tackling Invasive Plant Species in High Park, Toronto

Effective Early Detection and Rapid Response Protocols

EDRR Progress Update

Terrestrial Invasive Plant Management Using Class 9 Pesticides