Upcoming Event: Ontario Phragmites Working Group Annual Meeting

Each year, the Ontario Phragmites Working Group gathers experts working in Phragmites management to share accomplishments, new learning, and upcoming initiatives to aid in the fight against Phragmites.

Join the Ontario Phragmites Working Group for this virtual event on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

Each year, this unique event brings together professionals and passionate citizens from across Ontario and beyond. This year’s virtual event will be no different! This interactive event is both a learning opportunity and a great chance to network with others working in the field of invasive plant management. We are excited to support connection in this online venue and have made sure that you will have time to meet with your peers and our sponsors. This conference is an excellent opportunity for municipalities, government agencies, NGO’s, academics, and citizen scientists to learn, take part in discussions and to meet others who are knowledgeable and passionate about invasive plant management.