Grow Me Instead – Promoting Invasive-free Gardening Across Ontario

Each year many new plants are introduced for use in the horticulture trade due to low maintenance requirements, ability to spread rapidly and often, beautiful, showy foliage and flowers. Many of these species can become very invasive and when they escape gardens and enter natural areas, they outcompete native plants, lower biodiversity and can become extremely costly to remove.

The Ontario Invasive Plant Council’s Grow Me Instead Guide, created by the Horticulture Outreach Collaborative, was created to assist gardeners in making informed decisions about the plants that they are buying for their gardens, helping to educate and avoid the use of invasive plants.

This 1.5hr VIRTUAL workshop (via Zoom) will outline several problematic garden plants and suggest native alternative that are proven to non-invasive or native, easily found and widespread availability and have similar requirements, shape and garden uses as the invasive species.