Our favourite moth is on the move: Researchers need help tracking spread of DSV biocontrol agent

Dog-strangling vine is one of Ontario’s worst invasive plants. It forms dense monocultures that outcompete native vegetation in open and forested habitats and is a serious threat to local biodiversity. To help curb its spread researchers have released a biological control agent that feeds exclusively on DSV. They’ve launched an exciting program to track the spread of this plant munching moth, and want YOU to help them better understand how fast and far these critters can spread!

You can learn all about how dog-strangling vine and the biological control agent “Hypena” on the researchers website: www.dogstranglingvine.weebly.com. While you are there, be sure to:

For more information on how biological control agents are selected, tested and used please check out our 2018 Winter Webinar Series where Rob Bourchier of Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada explained the rigerous testing process used to evaluate potential biocontrol agents for use in Canada. You can see this and other webinars at www.ontarioinvasiveplants.ca/webinars.