Invasive Plant Training Webinars

Garlic Mustard: A How-To Guide for Removal

Tuesday May 19, 2020      4-5:PM EDT

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VICKI SIMKOVIC, Ontario Invasive Plant Council


REBECCA SMYTHE, Kilally Meadows Adopt-an-ESA London

NOUSHEEN AHMED, City of Toronto

This webinar will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to successfully control garlic mustard. Learn all about garlic mustard: what makes it a threat, how to identify garlic mustard and its look-alikes, its biology and life cycle, and best practices for control by hand pulling. In addition, you will learn a few examples of how municipalities are taking action to control garlic mustard. Linda McDougall from the City of London will review the new garlic mustard Adopt-a-Patch program, and Rebecca Smythe will give an overview of the Kilally Meadows Adopt-an-ESA Hike and Bust Program. In addition, Nousheen Ahmed from the City of Toronto will review a long-term garlic mustard project in one of their natural areas. Join the experts at the end for a Q&A panel and discussion. Perhaps this webinar will inspire you to control garlic mustard on your property or start a citizen science project like the Adopt-a-Patch program in your area!

This webinar was made possible by the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation in partnership with the City of London’s Adopt-an-ESA program.

Winter Webinar Series

Sharing the most accurate and current information on invasive plant control is vitally important. We use our annual OIPC Winter Webinar Series to help make the most important developments in invasive plant control available to stakeholders across Ontario. Join us through these webinars to stay up to date on latest developments regarding invasive plant control, prevention and other important topics. Webinar recordings and presentations are also archived below for our network to use. Want to stay in the loop on OIPC updates, including webinar registration reminders? Subscribe to the OIPC email mailing list.

The 2019 OIPC Winter Webinar series was a great success! Webinar recordings and PDF presentations have now been archived below. We would like to thank the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for their support of the 2019 Winter Webinar Series. We look forward to the 2019/20 Winter Webinar Series and will post scheduling information here when it becomes available.

Past OIPC Winter Webinar Recordings & Presentations

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2015/2016 Webinar Recordings

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PDF Presentations

     2019 Webinar Presentations

2016/2017 Webinar Presentations


2015/2016 Webinar Presentations

Municipal Invasive Plant Strategy Workshop Resources

Creating an Invasive Plant Management Strategy: A Framework for Ontario Municipalities

In 2015, with funding from the Invasive Species Centre, we developed a framework for Ontario municipalities to follow to develop their own invasive plant management strategy. In 2015 and 2016, we hosted four workshops throughout the province to engage municipalities and community groups in the fight against invasive plants, by providing information on how to develop an invasive plant management strategy. In 2016-2017, we hosted six more. Below are some of the presentations from these workshops. If you are interested in us hosting a workshop for your community email us at

Municipal Council Presentations

Are you looking for someone to present to your local municipal council about invasive plants and their impacts? Or are you looking for a more specific delegation to your council to move forward an invasive plant strategy? If so, contact us at!

Early Detection and Rapid Response Network Ontario

The Ontario Invasive Plant Council and the Invasive Species Centre partner together through our EDRR Network Ontario program which delivers training on invasive species identification, reporting and control techniques to a range of audiences in communities across the province. Click here for more information from the EDRR website.

Other Training Opportunities

Depending on funding, we host a number of other training workshops related to the Clean Equipment Protocol, invasive Phragmites, invasive plant identification and landowner’s management training workshops. Stay tuned to our calendar of events for a workshop near you or sign up for our e-blast.

You can also contact us if you would like to hire us to organize a workshop for you.