Thank you!

Thank you for your donation to the Ontario Invasive Plant Council. We wanted to reach out and say thank you to everyone who has continued to support us during such a difficult year for all. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.  Your donation will help us continue our work to support municipalities, conservation authorities, environmental groups and concerned citizens across the province to effectively combat invasive species. With your help, OIPC will: 

  • Continue to provide expertise and technical documents on Best Management Practices that are used throughout the province. These documents provide knowledge on invasive plant management, control and prevention.
  • Continue to support the horticulture industry and passionate gardeners by promoting the use of native plants through the Grow Me Instead program.
  • Manage and reduce the threat of Invasive Phragmites by providing education and resources, including our continued support of the Ontario Phragmites Working Group. The OPWG works to facilitate education, information sharing, investigation and pursuit of effective management tools of Phragmites australis. 

Your support will help us continue to provide leadership, expertise and a forum to engage and empower Ontarians to take action on invasive plant issues. Together, we can continue to fight against invasive species, and protect Ontario’s biodiversity. 


Belinda Junkin

Executive Director