The Ontario Phragmites Working Group

The Ontario Phragmites Working Group (OPWG) was formed in December 2011 by dedicated professionals concerned about the growing threat posed by the aggressive invasive Phragmites australis to biodiversity, Species At Risk (SAR), recreation, tourism, infrastructure, and property values. Membership in this group has subsequently grown and now includes representation from federal, provincial and municipal governments, indigenous groups, cities, Conservation Authorities, NGO’s, universities, community groups, cottage associations, and private citizens. In October, 2013 the OPWG officially became a sub-committee of the Ontario Invasive Plant Council and this updated Terms of Reference (TOR) reflects this new position. 

The main purpose of the OPWG is to facilitate effective, efficient and environmentally responsible management of invasive Phragmites in Ontario. Specific goals focus on facilitation of education, information sharing, and investigation and pursuit of effective management tools.

What is Invasive Phragmites?

Invasive Phragmites is a highly invasive plant species now common in North American wetlands and along roadsides. It out-competes our native wetland plants like cattails resulting in decreased in habitat for wildlife. It thrives in disturbed habitats and prefers areas of standing water, but the roots can grow to extreme lengths, which allows the plant to survive in low water areas.

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