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OIPC Garlic Mustard Pull in Haliburton


new OIPC Activity book

The Ontario Invasive Plant Council (OIPC) is a multi-sector, non-profit group committed to the collaboration of organizations and citizens in order to more effectively respond to the threat of invasive plants in Ontario.

The OIPC is hosting another series of Winter Webinars

Over the next few Months the OIPC will be hosting another series of lunchtime webinars.  For more information please click here.

We have just completed the aquatic invasive plants webinar.  If you would like to see it or take the quiz please click here , or go to the "control information" page under the "Take Action" tab.

Our next webinar will be on Wild Parsnip  on February 4th from 12-1pm. You can register here.

2014 AGM and Conference - Another Success!

Our annual event was a success...again!

Some of the key presentation slide sets will be posted here soon.

For more information and details on the Conference and meeting click here!



Would you like to become a member of OIPC?

Click HERE to read more and get the registration form!.   






What's New
  • The Ontario Phragmites Working Group (a committee of the OIPC) has a new website. Check it out here!
  • The OIPC Board has elected it's executive committee for the 2014-2016 term.  Congratulations to Iola Price, our new OIPC President, and Ken Towle, continuing to hold his position as OIPC Vice-President.
  • This year's AGM was held Sept. 15/16 in partnership with the Society for Ecological Restoration Ontario.  We had an inspiring and informative set of presentations and field trips.
  • The OIPC has just completed it's first children's activity book!!! check it out here. 
  • Two more BMPs have been added to the to the website! check them out: Wild Parsnip and Invasive Honeysuckles
  • The OIPC has just completed two more BMPs!  check out our White Sweet Clover and European Black Alder BMPs for details on identification, history, distribution, control and management of these two species.  
  • The OIPC has a new brochure!  Download, print, share & learn more about the Invasive Plant Council.
  • Download the new Landowner's Guide to Managing and Controlling Invasive Plants in Ontario here. Includes tips & advice to help landowners protect their property from the impact of invasive plants & step-by-step instructions on how to develop a management plan for your property.   
  • Dealing with Garlic Mustard?  Download the new "Garlic Mustard Best Management Practices in Ontario" (& for resources on controlling this and other invasive plants, please visit our Control Information page). 
  • Choosing non-invasive plants for your garden just got easier! Visit our Youtube channel & check out our "Garden Invader" & "Garden Saver" video series.
  • Clean Equipment Protocol For Industry: Inspecting and Cleaning Equipment for the Purposes of Invasive Species Prevention.  See Take Action - Support for Municipalities page
  • A Guide to the identification and control of exotic invasive species in Ontario's hardwood forests.  See Info & Resources Publications...Partner Publications (near bottom of page).
  • We are seeking nurseries to participate in the Province-wide expansion of the Grow Me Instead Nursery Recognition Program - please contact us for more information
  • Grow Me Instead - The guide is complete! click here for a PDF version, or contact the coordinator for print copies 
  • Giant Hogweed Managers List is now available, click here for the PDF
  • Giant Hogweed Impersonators - see what other plants may be confused with Giant Hogweed; provided by Halton Conservation