Technical Documents

Creating an Invasive Plant Management Strategy: A Framework for Ontario Municipalities

A how-to guide to help you create a comprehensive invasive plant management strategy for your municipality.

The Landowner’s Guide to Controlling Invasive Woodland Plants

A brief guide to guide the management of the “usual suspects” of woodland invasive plants. 

A Landowner’s Guide to Managing and Controlling Invasive Plants in Ontario

A general guide outlining steps for surveying, prioritizing, controlling and restoring areas containing invasive plants. 

Compendium of Invasive Plant Management in Ontario

A thorough compendium of all businesses and organizations managing invasive plants across Ontario.

Invasive Species Education & Outreach: 2013 Compendium of Resources

A compendium of all education and outreach resources available for invasive species in Ontario. 

Invasive Phragmites Site Prioritization Tool

A scoring/prioritization tool created to help landscape-level management of invasive Phragmites populations.

Quick Reference Guide

A handy picture-heavy guide containing identification features for Ontario’s most common invasive plants.

Clean Equipment Protocol

A document created to help prevent the spread of invasive plants by contaminated heavy equipment.

Invasive Plant Management Professionals List

A list of invasive plant management professionals available for hire across Ontario.

Research Projects

The following research thesis was created in partnership with the Trent School of the Environment and the OIPC through the Community-based Research Project completed in April 2018. This project assesses invasive species seed viability in compost.