Winter Webinar PDF Downloads

2019 PDF Downloads

Hazardous Plants:Giant Hogweed, Wild Parsnip and Poison Ivy

Long Point Phragmites Pilot Project

Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative and Adaptive Management Framework

Out with the bad, in with the good invasive species control and restoration on Pelee Island

Toronto Ravine Revitalization Study 1977 – 2017

2016/2017 Webinar Presentations

Introduction to Video Storytelling

MNRF Phragmites Emergency Herbicide Use Project-Rondeau Park & Long Point Crown Marsh

Water Soldier Status in Ontario

St. Thomas Phragmites Action Plan

Georgian Bay Forever Phragmites webinar

The CFIA’s Invasive Plants Program and Regulated Plant Species

Herbicide Use in Ontario and Invasive PlantsInvasive Species Act 2016

Using Ecological Integrity & Silviculture to Guide Forest Restoration: Tackling the Norway Maple

2015/2016 Webinar Presentations

Invasive Phragmites Management in Municipal Drains in Kingsville

Invasive Phragmites presentation

Building Partnerships to deal with invasive phrag a grassroots perspective presentation

Clean Equipment Protocol

Grow Me Instead Presentation

Japanese Knotweed Presentation

Aquatic Watch List Presentation

Wild Parsnip presentation