Invasive Plant Training Webinars

Garlic Mustard: A How-To Guide for Removal

Vicki Simkovic, Ontario Invasive Plant Council
Linda McDougall, City of London
Rebecca Smythe, Kilally Meadows Adopt-an-ESA London
Nousheen Ahmed, City of Toronto

This webinar will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to successfully control garlic mustard. Learn all about garlic mustard: what makes it a threat, how to identify garlic mustard and its look-alikes, its biology and life cycle, and best practices for control by hand pulling. In addition, you will learn a few examples of how municipalities are taking action to control garlic mustard. Linda McDougall from the City of London will review the new garlic mustard Adopt-a-Patch program, and Rebecca Smythe will give an overview of the Kilally Meadows Adopt-an-ESA Hike and Bust Program. In addition, Nousheen Ahmed from the City of Toronto will review a long-term garlic mustard project in one of their natural areas. Join the experts at the end for a Q&A panel and discussion. Perhaps this webinar will inspire you to control garlic mustard on your property or start a citizen science project like the Adopt-a-Patch program in your area!

This webinar was made possible by the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation in partnership with the City of London’s Adopt-an-ESA program.

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