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Winter Webinar Series 2016

The OIPC (with funding from the Invasive Species Centre) is hosting another webinar series for 2016! To register for our bonus webinar, click HERE.

1. Building partnerships to deal with invasive Phragmites: A grass-roots perspective

2. Invasive Phragmites Management in Municipal Drains in the Town of Kingsville
3. Invasive Phragmites: Best Management Practices
4. Clean Equipment Protocol: Inspecting and Cleaning Equipment for the Purposes of Invasive Species Prevention
5. Grow Me Instead: Beautiful Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden
6. Wild Parsnip: Best Management Practices
7. Aquatic Watchlist for Ontario
8. Japanese Knotweed: Best Management Practices

Completed webinars (2015)


Completed webinars (2014)

This series of webinars ran at lunch time for 7 Wednesdays and focused on our Best Management Practice documents. They were very well attended and got rave reviews.