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2014 AGM - Peterborough, ON

 2014 Agenda.


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This year's AGM and Conference was held at the Peterborough Golf and Country Club,  Peterborough on Sept 15th and 16th. 

Plenary Session

Welcome, Angelo Lombardo, Executive Director - OFAH

OIPC Year in Review, Iola Price - OIPC President

SERO Year in Review, Sal Spitale - SERO President

Purple Loosestrife, History and Biocontrol, Donna MacKenzie

Towards Developing an Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) System for Invasive Species Management, Jessica Martin - Invasive Species Centre


Session 1: Invasive species removal and restoration projects

Sinking Water Soldier Permanently, Robert McGowan - Invading Species Awareness Program-OFAH

Managing Invasive Goutweed to Protect Species at Risk in London Ontario, Linda McDougall - City of London

The Alderville Black Oak Savanna: Expansion and Enhancement of a Pristine Prairie Remnant, Janine McLeod - Alderville Black Oak Savanna

Water Chestnut Work on Wolfe Island, Justin White - Ducks Unlimited

Discussion on herbicide control of DSV and Phragmites and re-establishment of native species, Scott Hodgins - BASF


Session 2: Engaging volunteers, outreach and communication

The Role of mass public engagement, Colin Dobell - Great Lakes Our Water

Restoration projects in Rouge Valley Subwatersheds, Jim Robb - Friends of the Rouge Watershed

Benefits and Challenges of Partnerships - Ontario's Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon Example, Chris Robinson - Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program - OFAH

Depave Paradise: Engaging communities to free the soil, Clara Blakelock, Green Communities

Engaging Citizen Scientists and Monitoring Programs in the Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System(EDDMapS) Ontario, Alison Kirkpatrick - Invading Species Awareness Program - OFAH

Session 3: Evolving ideas and tools

Under the Radar - Unproven Invasive Species, W.D. McIlveen

Impacts of exotic earthworms on plant communities: implications for restoration and invasive species management, Mike McTavish - University of Waterloo

Investigating Bloodroot (sanguinaria Canadensis) as a deterrent to the spread of invasive Garlic Mustard, Gwyneth Govers - Unviversity of Waterloo

Invasive Phragmites (Phragmites australis) monitoring and management, Prabir Roy - Parks Canada